FAQ’s  Regarding Food Orders

Q1.     How can I Place a food order?

A1.      One can place his favorite food order through our SrimatiKitchen App/Website.

Q2.     How do I know whether my order is confirmed?

A2.      Once our Kitchen Partner accepted your order, you will get an order confirmation Notification immediately.

Q3.     How do I cancel my order?

A3.      Once the order got confirmed, there is no option of cancellation.

Q4.     How do I Alter/Re-order my order?

A4.      Once the Order got confirmed, there is no option of Alteration (or) Re-order.


FAQ’s  Regarding Delivery Process

Q1.     How will be my orders delivered?

A1.      Your orders deliveries will be delivered by our SrimatiKitchen Associates.

Q2.     How Earlier I need to place my order?

A2.      Based on your order, our Srimati’s prefer to take at least 3 to 4 hours for preparation.

Q3.     What is the Estimated Time to Delivery, if once my order got prepared?

A3.      Once your order got prepared, our associates will take 15 to 60 minutes for delivery based on your location.

Q4.     Are there any Aditional charges for Delivery?

A4.      Rs30/- will be delivery chargers Up to 5km, After that Rs.6/- for each KM

Q5.     Do you Delivery my order in all locations of your operating City?

A5.      No, presently we are operating our service in city limits. But, soon will extend to outskirts also.




FAQ’s Regarding Srimati Roles

Q1.     How can an aspirant housewife associate with SRIMATIKITCHEN?

A1.      An aspirant housewife can associate with us through our App/Website (or) by our company employee.

Q2.     Is there any specified menu for srimatis to Enroll?

A2.      NO, Srimati has a choice to list out their menu based on their interest.

Q3.     Are there any specified Recipes, does Srimati’s add to follow?

A3.      No, Srimati’s have a choice to prepare their order based on their own style for Recipes. But, self Hygiene is the most important.

Q4.     What is the Time for Preparation of an Order?

A4.      A minimum of 2 to 4 hours will be allowed to prepare an order once confirmed by a Srimati.

Q5.     Does the Company provide any Utensils, Ingredients, and Groceries for order Preparation?

A5.      No, Our Company does not provide. But, you will get the amount for your order from which you had to adjust all these things.

Q6.     Is there any limits regarding the number of orders per day?

A6.      No, a Srimati has a choice to accept maximum orders without any limit.

Q7.     Is there any Quality policy for Srimati’s?

A7.      Yes, we provide packing items. But, it will be chargeable.

Q8.     Does Company provide packing Boxes, Bags & Covers?

A8.      Yes, We provide packing items. But, it will be chargeable.

Q9.     If Once I prepared my order, what I need to do next?

A9.      Once you finished the preparation, our associate will come for order pickup & delivery to your Doorstep.

Q10.   When will I get my Oder Amount?

A10.   Srimati’s will get their payments within 72 hours once the order got delivered.

Q11.   Can I able to collect my payment through cash?

A11.   No, all the payments will be cleared through the banK for a transparent system.

Q12.   What if I Delayed/Cancelled an order, which has got confirmed before?

A12.   You will charge for all Delays & Cancellations based on the Order Value.

Q13.   Does the company provide Training Regarding using the App/Website?

A13.   Yes, our company will provide complete training about our App/Website Usage.